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Corporate takeover of food supplies, and foetal organ harvesting. Documentary series.

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More and more people are flocking to new media nowadays to find out how the world really works. Keeping up with the latest news on health, freedom and natural living can be overwhelming at times. Pause4thought a revolutionary tool for truth seekers, features vital information often suppressed by Google search engines and Facebook feed algorithms. This site is constantly being updated, giving new media a powerful platform for expanding liberating ideas to change the world.

Red list news and Mike Adams  launch a weekly show about health, food and solutions called, Health Revolt.  On today’s show, we discuss GMO, Monsanto, Glyphosate and the poisoning of the population.

Episode 1.

In the second episode of Health Revolt, we cover the move by big corporations to buy into the organic, healthy food movement; and question how corporate ownership will damage opportunities for healthy food choices. Speaking of damaging health, we move on to discuss the fraud perpetrated by the Almond Milk industry, and how their main, active ingredient, carrageenan, can cause digestive issues. Vaccines and their dangers, specifically Gardasil, are covered next as we dive into the fraud, lies and criminality of some drug companies and the immunity that they enjoy. The heinous acts of an organization in which we are all familiar, Planned Parenthood, rounds out the second episode of Health Revolt, as we discuss the culture of death favored by the majority of liberals.

Episode 2.

On episode 3 of Health Revolt, we open with the Oregon campus shooting and the continued persecution of Christians. We follow with a general discussion on the 2nd Amendment and the health dangers of “gun-free” zones. Although many of us probably do not agree with the climate change agenda, we can probably agree that recycling is a smart practice. However, what if the recycling being done is to your dearly departed pet? Moreover, what if that same “recycled” pet is being fed to your new pet? Tis the season for “flu-shot fraud” as we explore the dangers and pointlessness of the flu-shot, in most cases, for most of the rest of the show. Be sure to stick around until the end, as Mike illustrates how all of our health is in the blood.

Eoisode 3.

n episode 4 of Health Revolt, Jim and Mike waste little time with banter as we launch right into the sad state of medicine in America and highlight one New Jersey nurse who injected 70 patients with the same needle. The $100 billion fraud known as the cancer industry is up next, as Jim and Mike continue to uncover the fact that people would actually be healthier if they avoided modern medicine; and how many times patients are falsely diagnosed and coerced into cancer causing chemotherapy treatment. Forced vaccinations and conditioning the population for “one last shot” is our next topic, as we stay in the Big Pharma arena to finish out the broadcast. Lastly, we cover the fact that the Oregon shooter was on 5 medications, and Mike dishes out some sound advice for our female listeners.

Episode 4.

On episode 5 of Health Revolt, we explore the upcoming move to force vaccines on the entire population as part of the ‘Healthy People 2020’ campaign. Drug companies, and highlighting the perpetual scam that they are running on a somewhat ignorant population, is our next topic of discussion. The fact that the pharmaceutical companies enjoy blanket immunity from civil or criminal damages is also covered. Following-up from an article that we covered a couple weeks back, another prominent physician has come out to help expose the ‘Big Pharma’ fraud. This time, it’s a heart doctor exposing the scam of the Statin drugs used to treat cholesterol problems. Closing the show, we discuss ‘the biggest cancer lie exposed’ article, and spotlight the virtual genocide program targeting the black population. Finally, Mike clues us all in on a new arrival that blessed his ranch recently.

Episode 5.

On Episode 6 of Health Revolt, Jim and Mike open the show discussing the importance of taking your health matters into your own hands, and not to rely on the government to look out for what is in your best interest. Speaking of the government, we next cover the headline on Natural News which outlines an imminent false-flag attack on American soil to invoke the suspension of the Bill of Rights. Our next article discusses the “Corporatocracy” which seems to have permeated every institution; this time tainting the decades-old children’s program, Sesame Street, with vaccine propaganda and mind-control. In a highly sensitive topic, we next discuss a Natural News ground-breaking report on cancer causing glysophate-laced tampons, and other feminine hygiene products, which can be absorbed through the vaginal walls into a woman’s bloodstream. Closing out the show, we end on a good note as we report on one Amish girl who took her cancer treatment into her own hands and fled the US to escape forced chemotherapy. You guessed it, she’s now cancer free. Lastly, Mike gives a brief overview of his new radio network, Talk Network. Com.

Episode 6.

In episode 7 of Health Revolt, Jim and Mike kick-off the show outlining the importance of truthful information. On that note, we discuss the ground-breaking and shocking lab results that Mike has un-covered while testing Zeolites. As a follow-up, Mike and Jim discuss the dangers of lead and heavy metals exposure. Next, the fellas discuss an article that outlines another attack on women and their health, while the FDA says to “move along” because there is nothing to see here. Along the lines of the FDA and their co-conspirators, the vaccine industry, we cover the ongoing attempt to forcibly vaccinate everyone; as legislation is now being attempted to make mandatory vaccines a reality. Speaking of poisoning the body, we next cover the end of the McDonalds era as more and more people who seek to eat healthier are no longer darkening the doors of the Golden Arches. Moving to politics, Jim gets Mike’s take on the Republican Debate debacle this past week, as we ponder just how long before the Mainstream Media realizes that it’s already dead. As Red List News is being unfairly singled-out on YouTube, Mike and Jim dig deeper into the topic of censorship, and provide some ideas about how to make a change. Rounding out the broadcast, we end with a town in Texas that is battling another poison, fluoride, and has even created a ballot initiative to end fluoridation entirely.

Episode 7.

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