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The endemic theft of children by the British state.

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State abused children

Brian Gerrish makes a return On The Edge with Theo Chalmers, where he discusses the Social Services corruption throughout the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

In Britain today, a secret court system is stealing and trafficking peoples children. The author Jack Frost summed it up in his book Gulag of the Family Courts. Other journalists have described it as Child Stealing by the State. When a small community newspaper, the UK Column, was set up in Plymouth to expose massive public sector fraud and corruption, the volunteers had no idea of what was to come.

They were shocked at reports of child stealing sent in by parents from across Britain.

In the beginning it was hard to accept some stories as true. Some mothers and fathers appeared traumatised. Could their claims be believed? And then the first mother with evidence arrived in the UK Column office. Ring files of letters, emails and court documentation. The evidence was overwhelming lies, false evidence, perjury, false psychiatric assessments, kidnapping, psychological pressure, police threats, blatant collusion of defence and prosecution legal teams against the parent, failure to prosecute the perpetrators of medical incompetence and child abuse, and blatant victimisation of the innocent parent the mother.












The British state. Rotten to the core.




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