Maria Casey, MSc, MBACP (Accred).

The first step;

The therapeutic process begins when you decide to make some changes in your life. Unexpectedly, we’ve all had to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic, so flexibility in providing a service for you is paramount. There’s a few different ways to make this possible either with traditional face-to face counselling at the Eaves in Farnham or online therapy from the comfort of your own home. For clients who are housebound, there is also an option for home visits, but this is subject to a risk assessment. We can discuss this further to see whatever you feel is right for you in the present moment.

Finding your balance;

Navigating your way through life can be overwhelming, especially if you’re feeling fragile or lacking self-confidence. Trying to resolve internal/external issues with a chaotic mind is generally difficult to do on your own. Although resilience and resourcefulness is assumed to be inherent in us all, these instincts can often become buried under the complexity of modern day living. Sharing your personal thoughts and feelings with an impartial counsellor can unravel the chaos and provide the freedom to think more clearly.