What to expect;

Counselling is what’s known as talking therapy – I understand different modalities can sound confusing, so with this in mind, I will keep the jargon and procedure simple. Sessions last 50 minutes and long-term or short-term therapy is available – we’ll regularly track and discuss your progress. The most important aspect is we’ll work together to find the best approach to really suit your individual needs.

The therapeutic relationship;

There are many levels of suffering and life struggles, and I’m fully aware that not everyone has had the comfort of a secure foundation in their earlier years – which is why I’ll always strive to provide a supportive, caring and friendly environment to help you feel at ease.

One thing that’s true about therapy are the healing benefits of being able to offload with someone who isn’t involved in the rest of your life – having a safe space can relieve the heavy burden of whatever is weighing you down. In our first meeting I’ll ask some searching questions to explore your current situation and get to know who ‘you’ are. Your uniqueness will always be valued, and I’ll never underestimate the privilege to hear your life story.

Some questions to help focus your mind;

  • Are you feeling unaccountably lonely?
  • Are you unable to shake off feelings of regret?
  • Are you trying to understand a loss or bereavement?
  • Are you struggling with current or unresolved issues from your past?
  • Is your inner critique constantly putting you down?
  • Are your familiar patterns of behaviour hindering you?
  • Are you shackled by shameful thoughts?
  • Are you trying to live up to the expectation of others?
  • Do you feel as if no one would understand your pain?

All of the above questions are normal anxiety rising quandaries during difficult times and the hardest battle we frequently confront is between the negative ‘self-sabotaging’ conversations within our own minds.