My previous experience;

Throughout the years of training and qualifying as a therapist, my main area of counselling has involved working with vulnerable military veterans. I was drawn to this particular client group because I knew the therapy would be extremely demanding, sensitive and require a robust attitude.

Having dealt with a number of complex cases, my experience has undoubtedly been enhanced through the ex-service men and women placing their trust in me.

My background story;

Gone are the days when a therapist was a blank canvas, I’ve been shaped into who I am today by my own personal history. Many moons ago, I spent two decades living abroad and travelling extensively in the Middle and Far East parts of the world. I absorbed myself into an array of diverse cultures, religions and beliefs – through these encounters my mind had been broadened by gaining a deep respect and tolerance for differing points of views and idiosyncrasies. My fascination with other people has also created a curiosity with human behaviourism and the significance of healthy interactions and connections to thrive. The rich tapestry of life has been an insightful journey and enabled me to see issues, conflicts and challenges from all kinds of angles.

My ethos;

Life isn’t easy, but through the ups and downs, dealing with adversity can uncover your inner strengths to combat your vulnerable weak spots. My focus will be to encourage and empower you to break free from the shackles of self-doubt, expectations and limiting beliefs – it’s okay to be ‘good enough’ and accept the things we can’t control. I’ll help you to discover new potentials and create the capacity for coping better in the future to live a more hopeful and authentic life.

My qualifications;

MSc from the University of Roehampton in attachment theory and systemic family functions. There is a particular emphasis on unresolved childhood trauma.

BA (Honours) degree in Integrative Counselling, University of Greenwich.

I’m research driven and believe knowledge is power.

For your peace of mind;

I work in accordance with the BACP ethical framework. I adhere to general data protection regulations. I am fully insured and hold an extended DBS to harness a safe and trusting union.

Please feel free to get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation to gain a sense of how our therapeutic relationship could be together.